Using Okta as Sign-in for Blissfully

Setting up SSO

This guide requires a user who is both an admin of Okta, as well as an admin of Blissfully.

To kick this off, we'll begin Okta's admin area.

Create New Application

First, create a New Application in Okta. Choose the Web for Platform, and SAML 2.0 for the Sign on method. Click Create to continue.

General Settings

Next enter "Blissfully" as the App name, and please feel free to include our logo pre-sized for Okta. Click Next to proceed to SAML Settings.

SAML Settings

Here, there are two main steps: adding key information provided by Blissfully, and providing Blissfully with Okta's metadata and cert file.

In a new window, navigate to Blissfully's SSO Settings page (or click here). Select "Okta" as your SSO provider, and you'll be provided with two key pieces of information: the Single sign on URL and an Audience URI. Copy and paste each of those two values into their respective fields back in your Okta tab. You can leave all the other inputs as is, and click Next to continue.

Okta will ask you if you are publishing a new app. For now, select I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app, and check the checkbox for Contact app vendor to indicate that it's required to contact the vendor to enable SAML. Click Finish to proceed.

Copy Metadata.xml

The last step in Okta is to get the Metadata.xml content from your new application. Click View Setup Instructions and scroll to the bottom of the page.

You should see an "Optional" section, that includes a textarea that contains an XML document. Download the document, then return to your browser tab with Blissfully SSO Settings, and upload this document into the Metadata XML area. Click Submit to complete the setup.

Congrats! You've set up Okta as the SSO provider for Blissfully. Your users can now login into Blissfully by providing their work email, and we will route to Okta for authentication.

Enabling IdP login

Though we don't support SAML IdP login directly, you can still enable your organization to login to Blissfully directly from their Okta dashboard.

This is achieved using a bookmark app. Click Add Application, search for Bookmark App (you'll see it under "Integrations" in the search drop-down) and select it. Lastly, click the green Add button.

For Application Label, enter "Blissfully". For URL, provide https://app.blissfully.com/#/login?via=saml&domain=YOUR_DOMAIN

Now, you & your users should be able to click the bookmark app, and login into Blissfully directly from Okta!