Blissfully End of Life - Dec. 15, 2022

Attention! Blissfully has been sunset -- if you need help docs, please go to


In February of this year, Vendr acquired Blissfully to empower Finance, Procurement, and IT teams with the single best way to buy and manage software.
As we focus on creating this next-gen platform, we have made the difficult decision to begin sunsetting the standalone, legacy Blissfully platform on December 15, 2022.
We realize this is an operational inconvenience, and want to support our customers during this transition.
Our team will be available to make this transition as smooth as possible, including making recommendations on alternative tools and migration options.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Director of Customer Support, Patrick Payne.

Functionality That Will Continue in Vendr 2.0

Functionality That Will Be Sunset on Dec. 15, 2022

  • Hardware asset tracking
  • Employee on and offboarding
  • Ticketing
  • Security Audit
  • Device Management & License Tracking integrations will not be available in Vendr 2.0

Your Options as a legacy Blissfully Customer:

  • Upgrade to Vendr 2.0. We’ll match the cost of your Vendr subscription with Vendr Cash to leverage for net new purchases from verified SaaS sellers. Note: you’ll still have access to Blissfully Legacy through Dec. 15 if you need that functionality.
  • Don’t upgrade, and keep access to Blissfully legacy through Dec. 15, 2022 at no extra cost. After this point, you will have to choose between having your account migrated to a free version of Vendr 2.0 (System of Record plus self-service Workflows) or deleted.
  • Move off of Blissfully / Vendr before Dec. 15, 2022 and we will offer a pro-rated refund for the remaining time on your subscription.

Alternative Tool Recommendations

For the parts of Blissfully legacy that we are moving away from, we have some high level recommendations based on our knowledge of the industry and what we’re seeing other customers move to.
Note that they may not be 1:1 replacements, but as a whole should be able to facilitate replacing that functionality.

Employee On and Offboarding


  • Onboarding & offboarding
    • JIT, non-JIT, and non-SSO/JIT apps are added to onboarding workflows
    • Any non app related processes can be added. Ex: "Complete new hire HR profile" assigned to HR person or "Complete your HR paperwork" assigned to onboarded
    • Any specific app processes (approvals, adding to groups or projects, etc)
Okta can also be used for Application Access outside of On/Offboarding Contexts
  • Access Requests
    • Application specific workflows to properly approve and provision apps including non SSO provisioning.
    • Any specific app processes (approvals, adding to groups or projects, etc)
  • License reclamation
    • If user has not leveraged Okta to access an SSO or Non SSO app in X time frame: Notify user and if not needed then automatically deprovision if JIT app or inform provisioning person if non-JIT to deprovision
  • Access review
    • Once a month send a workflow to all app provisioners/owners to review user admin access for their applications.

Jira or Asana

  • Checklists for the parts that Okta might not be able to automate or handle.


  • We also see folks move some on and off boarding tasks to their HRIS.

Hardware Tracking

  • MDM: Kandji (which is a Verified Supplier, so we can help negotiate a good deal if interested)
  • SMB: Freshservice
  • MM: Atlassian
  • Enterprise: ServiceNow


  • Jira or Zendesk
  • Front
  • Helpscout


  • Vanta for automated compliance
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